Developing the leaders around you

Developing the Leaders Around You Part 1IMG_20160228_073605679
John C. Maxwell
The Big Idea
No organization can succeed without good leaders. And a leader’s most important task is to acquire and keep good people, and make leaders out of them. This is because in any organization or company, people are the only assets that can continually appreciate. Systems become dated, buildings deteriorate, and machinery wears down. But people can grow, develop and become more productive and effective if they have a good leader who understands their value.
Organizations cannot increase their value or productivity without people. An organization’s growth potential is directly related to its personnel potential. This is the message of John C. Maxwell’s “Developing The Leaders Around You” – a good leader is someone who knows how to develop other leaders. This book teaches practical techniques and gives wonderful insights on becoming a truly successful leader.
Why Leaders Need to Reproduce Leaders
A good leader is someone who surrounds himself/herself with other leaders. A good leader finds the best people, and then develops them into the best leaders they can be.
Why? Because the people closest to a leader determine the level of success or failure of that leader. In other words, as a leader, those closest to you can “make or break” you. Also, potential leaders help carry your other loads. In fact, the more people you lead, the more leaders you need to help you in your leadership. Potential leaders serve as a good sounding board– they have a leadership mindset so they think like you and therefore see your problems as their own.
In addition, leaders who mentor potential leaders multiply their effectiveness. Developed leaders expand and enhance the success and future of any organization. Therefore, if you develop new leaders, you directly contribute to this goal.
You may think that developing potential leaders could threaten your leadership. But true leaders know how to inspire and create new leaders. True leaders have faith in other people’s leadership abilities, and help them develop these skills. True leaders are not threatened by people with great potential.
“A leader’s success can be defined as the maximum utilization of the abilities of those under him/her.”



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